Here's what some Sundlof owners are saying... 

A Testimonial


"The first show I played with my Sundlof Harpoon was the best I had ever sounded on guitar in my 17 year career. I was playing the same old licks and lines that I had been on my Strat beforehand and people were coming up to me like: "I had no idea you could shred like that!" The sound is so big and present and concise that it really took my performance to a level I didn't know existed. 


It's literally the best sounding guitar I've ever heard and that's because it was designed completely custom to my wants and desire. This masterful focus and control extends to the aesthetics of the instrument as well. Anyone I show the Harpoon to is absolutely stunned by it's beauty, regardless of whether or not they play guitar or their level of passion about music. It's body design is completely original yet functional, and simplistic and gorgeous. My Sundlof Harpoon is my most treasured possession and I'll never need to play a different electric guitar."


  -Bryce Alvord  Recording & Performing Artist / Producer / Guitarist (Soho Kings, Spit Hot Fire…)


A review of the Harpoon


A review of the Harpoon: At initial glance, I was blown away by the aesthetic beauty that this guitar exhibits. Taking a closer look, one really starts to understand the talent that the folks at Sundlof guitars possess. From the woodwork to the paint job, I could not be happier. The green sunburst coupled with custom made ebony tail piece and pickup covers are a perfect marriage for the gold volume and tone knobs and nickel hardware. The neck is fast and flawless and the string action is set for any playing style (blues to grunge to metal). The fretwork on the ebony fingerboard leaves nothing more wanted and the neck fit my hands perfectly from the first time I picked it up and started playing it. I think what I like most about the neck is the fact that it is flat finished meaning that my hands don’t stick to the neck when moving up and down the fret board no matter how long I’ve been playing or how sweaty my hands get. The neck through feature on the Harpoon with the figured maple top and curly koa back absolutely screams tone. The sustain I get from this guitar exceeds all others in comparison. One reason for this is that the head stock is built at a 5% sloping angle from the neck eliminating the necessity for a string tree and adding to the amount of sustain I can get from my bends. More than just a beauty to behold, this guitar is comfortable to play, not too heavy and not too light. I had the Sundlof’s custom fit a pair of Lindy Fralin “Pure PAF” pickups in my Harpoon. The sound absolutely resonates in the maple and koa body producing the sweetest sounding tones from any guitar that I have played or owned.


Everything about this guitar is custom and personalized which was one of the main reasons I chose to work with Sundlof Guitars (the other being their pure skill and dedication to the mastery of guitar building). They were attentive to my requests and worked with me throughout the entire process to make sure that I was getting my dream guitar. Working with the folks at Sundlof guitars was a true pleasure and if you want a custom master built guitar, look no further. I’ve been playing guitar now for 17 years and I own over 15 electric and acoustic guitars including Fender’s and Gibson’s. The Sundlof Harpoon is by far not only my favorite, but the best sounding most playable guitar I own.  

-Kevin M. 


Talking about his Sundlof Harpoon


Tone is a very common thread these days. Being in search of the perfect instrument for the job is no longer an unheard of task, and thanks to the incredible work of Chris Sundlof of Sundlof guitars I managed to push the envelope once again. Sundlof and I have spent many months talking about tone woods, neck shape, finger boards, neck woods, top and bottom wood combinations, pickups and overall weight. This resulted in a guitar that can simply do it all!


In many of my sessions I look for a guitar that can be clean/funky and then be rude and nasty all at the same time. With the tremendous attention to details and tone woods Sundlof guitars created a guitar that can do just that.


-Doron Zor - Engineer, producer & guitarist


Discussing his Sundlof Harpoon


There is only one sound. You know it when you hear it; it can’t be faked. My Sundlof Harpoon gives me that sound plugged straight in to my amplifier, whether I’m playing long, soulful blues solos, clean country, or straight-ahead rock and roll. No frills, no electronic toys, just a damn fine guitar.


Dan Linden - Musician & Luthier