How do I order a Sundlof guitar?

Here are the basics - each guitar we make is custom built for you, the player. We generally do not keep an inventory of guitars for sale. Ordering is a fun consultative process, because you get to choose every detail of your guitar (yay!).

  1. Send us a message or email with the type of guitar you're interested in.
  2. We'll reach out to you and discuss everything you want in your guitar from the sound you're looking for, to the woods, hardware, and color scheme, all the way down to whether you want your name placed on the back of your guitar.
  3. Once we've discussed everything you want, we'll give you a final price.
  4. When your order is placed there is a $500 deposit which we accept via PayPal. The rest is payable once your guitar is compete and before delivery.
  5. Next, the build begins for your custom made guitar. We usually we tell customers there is a 6 month wait, but sometimes it takes less time. We would include a case for an additional $90. Pricing can vary depending on the level of detail and materials used for your guitar.

Generally no materials or hardware are off limits, but they do need to produce a balanced, elegant, and finely tuned instrument. In other words, if you had a request that wouldn't make your guitar a good representation of our brand, we'd talk you out of it.

If there is a particular guitar that you already like and want to know what it would cost, just contact us.

I just placed my order for a Sundlof. Now what do I do?

We recommend finding a good cryogenic freezing chamber to remain in until your guitar is ready in a few months. Otherwise the wait could kill you.

Do you make replica guitars?

We own and admire several brands of well known guitars, and have made replicas in the past such as the Archtops you see here in our gallery.  Our interest however is in the creation and perfection of our own designs and ideas. If you have a great original idea for a guitar that you'd like to see brought to life, please contact us. Creativity is what we live for.

Do you make Basses?

We currently are not making basses... yet

Is there a way I can try a demo guitar?

If you live in the Washington DC metro area and are considering a Sundlof guitar, send us an email with your contact information and guitar type of interest. We will try our best to arrange a demo. If you live outside of the DC Metro area, arranging a demo may be more difficult but hey, try us anyway. We'll try our best to accommodate you.

What kinds of wood do you use?

Each guitar is different. Some commonly used woods are ebony, figured maple, walnut, rosewood, mahogany, ash, and even koa and cocobolo. When ordering your Sundlof guitar, we will consult with you on the woods of your choice so that you get the custom look and sound you are after. To learn more about tonewoods for your guitar, please visit our Woods page. 

How much does a Sundlof guitar cost?

See our About Us page. For detailed questions about pricing contact us or email us at

Does Sundlof Guitars provide sponsorships?

We've had overwhelmingly positive support from guitar players, musicians, and other people who appreciate our work, and we keep our ears open for talented artists who we feel would be a good fit to represent us. While we are limited on providing sponsorships in certain capacities, we'll still be happy to take a look at you or your band. If you're just looking for free guitars, we aren't you for you.  If however you are a legitimate artist and feel that you would be a good fit to represent us, send us an email with your information, web links, and press kit. We'll be happy to take a look and contact you if the fit is right.

Will a Sundlof guitar get along with other guitars in the house?

Sundlof guitars are extremely territorial and will assert their dominance in any household. However, in almost all cases the established guitars will submit their allegiance without disturbance.

Do you make 7-string and 8-string guitars? 

The Harpoon-7 is here! We recently completed development of our new 7-string Harpoon model, so check our gallery and social media for pics and info on our newest creation. As for an 8-string, we're always trying new things, so keep checking back with us for updates on future models.

The Harpoon headstock looks awesome, but is it stable?

We get this question sometimes, and the answer is yes, the Harpoon headstock is very stable and has no fragility or breakage issues. It was designed to be extremely strong and durable. That said, any guitar headstock can break if the guitar is dropped or abused. So treat your baby right, you savage!

whales get on my nerves, what harpoon is best for senseless murder?

Definitely the 7-string. Wait, we like whales! Don't make us call PETA.