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We're passionate about our original, handmade electric guitars. We use the finest materials and craftsmanship to create edgy yet tasteful works of art that play beautifully, while looking as great as they sound. Our goal is to create a guitar as unique as you and a playing experience like nothing else.


Our Designs

Harpoon & Harpoon-7

A style of its own, Harpoon offers elegance, edginess, and ergonomic balance for the guitarist who wants to stand out and be heard. The goal when creating our flagship guitar was to give players all the benefits of a neck-through body, but with the aesthetics and play-ability of a set neck guitar. We offer Harpoon with both angled and non-angled necks depending on your preference. From its ergonomic balance, to its perfect fret board accessibility, to its head turning looks and outstanding tone, Harpoon is a guitar that cant be ignored. See more photos of Harpoon in our Guitar Gallery.

Starting at $2,500

Featured: Harpoon-7


Our twist on a familiar design. For the player seeking a more traditional look and feel, the CS offers exceptional sound and play-ability, while its neck-through design provides superb comfort and neck access. Versatile and refined, with this one its hard to go wrong. Check our Guitar Gallery for more photos.

Starting at $2,500

Featured: CS Semi hollow neck-through


Radical, yet elegant, stylish, and timeless. We began with design cues that pay respect to luthiery heritage and then stretched our imaginations. A blend of classical styling combined with modern sound and functionality define this guitar's look and feel. From jazz to metal, the SF is confident on any stage.

From its hand-carved body, to its distinctive presence, the SF embodies elegance in a radical way. See more photos of the SF in our Guitar Gallery.

Starting at $3,900



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